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PCS Fabrication & Engineering provides steel, structural fabrication, engineering, and design services for the commerical and industral sectors. Engineering services have been provided to major oil & gas and building organizations.

Examples of projects:

Project Description
Refinery Plant Spreader Bar 26ft span aluminum essential device structure analysis, detailed design and engineered drawings
Willowhaven Residential Building Building entry feature structure capacity check and certification
House Roof Main Wood Beam Replacement Engineered U-shape steel beam add-ons enabling doubly spanned wood beam structure
Airport Moving Walkway Supportive Structures Cooperated and certified structural design
Didsbury Building Railing Support Redesign Railing base reinforcement design, railing and glazing system certification
70kip Servicing Rig Single Mast Upgrade Structural analysis and certification
Parsons Creek Entry Feature Engineered and detailed steel structures
Sagehill Garden Building 4 staircases and railing design & detailing, certification
Edgemont Ravine Building Garbage room framework, building steel angled columns certification