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New PermaCoat Website

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PermaCoat now has a new website. Check out www.permacoat.ca for the latest news, services, and projects.


PERMACOAT Industries Inc. is a leading Edmonton and Northern Alberta powder coating, and protective coating corporation providing services to original equipment manufacturers in the industrial, automotive, oilfield and commercial manufacturing sector.

Our Lasting Choice Solutions™ coating process creates special protective coating capabilities, ensure that product life and quality expectations consistently meet or exceed manufacturing and engineering design standards.

PERMACOAT now has new state of the art production and coating process equipment at their Edmonton Production Facilty that allows us to offer a full range of coating products and capabilities, including custom colour production services.

We have made representation arrangements with both domestic and international suppliers for proprietary coating products with more than 250 color options in blended, metallic, and super durable performance ratings.

The Lasting Choice Solutions™ process ensures a service and business quality standard that exceeds industry standard. All of our products meet customers’ expectations each and every time. Your product is our service!


  • Lasting Choice Solutions™ quality coating standards for industrial, commercial, and architectural applications with life time durability.
  • quality customer consultation for all new product processing to determine specific acceptance and quality standards.
  • specialty designed and engineered processing equipment with convection or infra-red curing capabilities.
  • five (5) stage industrial and architectural coating process.
  • high volume production capabilities
  • convection and infra-red coating lines for high volume requirements
  • custom processes, products and colour selections
  • Normal delivery 1 - 3 day turn arounds, 24 hour service available upon request

It is our standard to provide the highest level of workmanship, service and technical support that ensures 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact our Edmonton Production, Powder Coating and Service Centre for all of your Northern Alberta Coating Requirements. 780-485-5961  

Visit PermaCorp or PermaRail and view additional coated products.

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