PermaCorp offers a variety of services that complement our in house products. They add value to and streamline the metal manufacturing process.

These services can be used in conjunction with a larger fabrication process, or stand alone to accommodate specific metal fabrication requirements.

Waterjet cutting tool cutting circles from a rock block

Water Cutting

Waterjet cutting uses high-pressure water with an added abrasive to create a jet with a substantial degree of cutting powder. This process allows greater accuracy and leaves a cleaner edge than plasma cutting.

RazorLine division is an industry leader in tight tolerance cutting (up to seven thousandths of an inch or .007). Two water tables with three heads are capable of cutting material with a thickness up to 8”.

photo of stainless steel and glass railing in a school inCalgary Alberta

Pipe Bending

An Ercolina TM76 semi-automatic mandrel bender is employed to provide pipe bending for lengths up to 24′.  Our bender can handle any type of metal pipe or tubing up to 3” steel. The use of a bender is a more economical and efficient way to create corners on pipe projects as it removes the labor and clean up required with welding elbows.

photo of a white structural steel framed in a warehouse with a man at the back


PermaCorp has a full time professional engineer on staff. Supported by a team of experienced drafting professionals, projects can be turned around quickly for consultant review.

All of PermaCorp’s railing products are reviewed and stamped to ensure consistent and reliable structural elements.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an ideal, attractive and protective finish for anything metal (aluminum extrusion, vehicle rims and bodies, light posts, railings, appliances, etc.).  The applications are endless.

PermaCorp is an AAMA 2604 certified coater. This certification allows for high grade, architectural-quality coating with a superior pretreatment process.

Capabilities include a maximum coating length of up to 45′.  Two powder coating lines run 24 hours per day, seven days a week.